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“As the only elected Republican on the Caroline County Board of Supervisors and local party Chairman, I know how important it is to be represented by a leader who "Gets it" on all aspects of Governance.  Having worked closely with Buddy Fowler over the last several years, I know firsthand his considerable abilities.  They include a knowledge base of legislation and Virginia Government from the local level to the General Assembly.  Buddy has been a dogged conservative and strong friend to Caroline even before he became a candidate.  Perhaps his most important quality is his ability to connect with regular people, something we in Caroline admire.  He is one of those leaders who can actually build consensus with his down to earth persona and willingness to talk it over.”

Jeff Sili
Chairman Caroline County Republican Committee
Caroline County Board of Supervisors




Hyland “Buddy” Fowler this week received the endorsement of the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation (VFBF) AgPAC, a political action committee of Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, in the race for the 55th House District (parts of Hanover, Caroline and Spotsylvania Counties) seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.


“I am so proud to have received the endorsement of the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC for my election to the Virginia House of Delegates.  Agriculture alone represents the largest single industry in the Commonwealth of Virginia with an overall economic impact of $55 billion annually, and provides more than 357,000 jobs in the Commonwealth. But just as important, those engaging in agriculture and forestry are responsible for the outstanding stewardship of our most vital natural resources, our farm land and forests.” 


Buddy Fowler is among 88 candidates that Virginia VFBF AgPAC has endorsed for House seats.  Endorsements were made based on the recommendations of local committees of farmers.


“Each of these candidates has demonstrated a clear understanding of the needs and challenges farmers are facing and/or have proven their support through their favorable voting records while holding positions in the General Assembly.  We believe the candidates will help agriculture and forestry maintain its vitality as the number one industry in Virginia”, said Wayne F. Pryor, chairman of VFBF AgPAC and VFBF president.


            The non-partisan VFBF AgPAC was created by Farm Bureau in 1999 and employs in-kind contributions to support candidates who can best support agriculture and Farm Bureau issues.  A full list of candidates endorsed by the committee can be viewed online at



RICHMOND, September 25, 2013 -- The National Federation of Independent Business, Virginia’s leading small-business association, has endorsed Buddy Fowler in the 55th House District race.


The endorsement was made by NFIB/Virginia SAFE (Save America’s Free Enterprise) Trust, which is comprised exclusively of NFIB members, and is based on the candidate’s background and experience and positions on small-business issues.


“Buddy Fowler clearly understands the challenges facing Virginia’s job creators,” said Nicole Riley, state director of NFIB/Virginia.  “Our members believe Buddy Fowler will take a fiscally responsible approach to managing state government and support legislation that helps small businesses grow and create jobs.”


NFIB/Virginia’s agenda in the 2014 legislative session will include tax reform, improvements to Virginia’s workers’ compensation system and a phase-out of accelerated sales-tax payments. 


     "I am extremely pleased to have received the NFIB endorsement of my candidacy for the Virginia House of      

      Delegates”, said Fowler.   “I recognize, and appreciate, the fact that the small business owner is the backbone of   

      Virginia's economy and for Virginia to thrive, small business owners must be allowed to succeed.   I intend to   

      stand with Virginia’s small business owners on issues of importance while they continue working to improve

      Virginia's economy."


The NFIB/Virginia SAFE Trust’s endorsement is critical to a candidate’s campaign.  Small-business owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for actively recruiting friends, family members and acquaintances to go to the polls.  NFIB has pledged it will activate its grassroots network on behalf of the campaign.  NFIB’s political support is based on the candidates’ positions and records on small business issues.






Today the Virginia Sportsmen’s Alliance endorses Hyland “Buddy” Fowler’s campaign for the 55th House of Delegates district. The Commonwealth Sportsmen’s Alliance and the Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance stand with Mr. Fowler and his candidacy for the Virginia House of Delegates. 

“Buddy Fowler understands that Americans have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and that the rights of law abiding citizens need to be protected. We believe that Buddy Fowler is the only candidate running for this seat that will fight for our Constitutional rights,” said Kirby Burch, Chairman of the Commonwealth Sportsmen’s Alliance. 

“Buddy Fowler will fight to ensure that the rights of hunters, collectors, sportsmen and gun owners are protected. Instead going after the law-abiding citizens, Buddy will work to ensure that law enforcement personnel pursue criminals. “Me too” votes aren’t enough, the people demand leadership! With Buddy in the House of Delegates, the hunters and sportsmen in Hanover, Louisa and Spotsylvania can be assured that their rights will be protected. I have worked with Buddy for years on issues of importance to Virginia sportsmen. He is a Virginia sportsman who upholds the outdoor traditions we cherish and the highest ethical standards that we support. Buddy is an avid rabbit hunter and has raised rabbit beagles for years, said Burch. 

“I encourage all sportsmen & women living in the 55th House District to support Buddy Fowler in November because he will fight to preserve our heritage and freedom,” said Burch. 

“The endorsement of the Commonwealth Sportsman’s Alliance and the Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance means a great deal to me and my campaign. I am committed to fighting to make sure that the freedoms that we enjoy as Virginians are preserved for future generations. If I am fortunate enough to be elected by the people of this district, I will work to ensure that the rights of law abiding hunters, sportsmen, collectors and families are represented in the Virginia General Assembly,” said Buddy Fowler. 

Richmond, Va. – The Richmond REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) of the Richmond Association of REALTORS® has endorsed Hyland “Buddy” Fowler’s campaign for the 55th House of Delegates district.  


In making its endorsement decision, the Trustees of Richmond RPAC cited Mr. Fowler’s successful business experience, his commitment to protect private property rights, as well as his constructive personal relationships with the business community and elected leaders of the General Assembly, Hanover County and surrounding jurisdictions. 

In response to this endorsement, Fowler said, "I am humbled and proud the have the endorsement of these 4,000 hard working professionals.  As Delegate, I look forward to working with them to achieve our common goals of quality housing, home ownership, and excellent schools."


With more than 4,000 members, the Richmond Association of REALTORS® is the voice for real estate in the Richmond metropolitan area.

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